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Muhajirin Madu Kelulut 1 KG

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Tualang honey derived from the nectar of natural jungle flowers located in the interior of Peninsular Malaysia has a very high nutritional value.

Tualang jungle (forest) honey is a wild bee honey from which the bees derive their nectar source one hundred percent from natural plants. These bees perch on hundreds of types of flower buds or nectar sources such as leaf tips or forest fruits to produce honey which is considered the most nutritious in the world.

The most nutritious and high quality honey is honey obtained from wilderness areas in the interior. In this area, bee hives obtain a source of truly natural sweetness and away from pollution or any active human activity that can affect the eating patterns of bees.

Among the benefits of this forest honey is based on several studies:

 Can increase the body's metabolism
 Contains anti-oxidant agents (anti-oxidants can inhibit the growth of cancer cells)
 Smoothens blood flow
Smoothen the digestive system
 Increases stamina
 Increases energy / fitness
Anti-bacterial (can be applied to wounds or sores)
 Contains beta carotene and glucose
 No sucrose sugar content (can be taken by diabetics, on the advice of a doctor, as an alternative sweetener).
 Rich in carbohydrates (carbohydrates are needed by the body for energy sources as well as resistance to various diseases).
 Relieves fatigue or lethargy
 Strengthens the body's resistance (antibodies)


Muhajirin Madu Tualang


Storage Condition

Store in a Dry Places Below 30 Dgree Celcius and Avoid Direct Sunlight

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