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Kemal Kukrer Apple Vinegar

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To offer you savor and healing benefits of apple vinegar, we have combined organic and the freshest apples with our expertise of over 100 years and bottled it up under ideal conditions ensuring the best taste and naturalness.

The history of apple is old as the history of humankind. It is not coincidence that apple is the first to come to mind when talking about being healthy. Apple has always helped the mankind to heal their illnesses throughout the history.

Combining the healing benefits of apple, an essential item of our rich cuisine, desserts, snacks and the lunch boxes of our children, with the miraculous impacts of vinegar, especially if it is organic, results in an indispensable product for our daily lives. In addition to its savor, the organic apple vinegar has many health benefits. For example:

Glass Bottle

500 Ml



Natural Vinegar extract of Apple, acid


Controls number and amounts of meals by balancing blood glucose.
Controls your weight by giving feeling of satiety.
A good antioxidant and strengthens immunity.
Acts as a disinfectant as it is a powerful antibacterial.
Protects against cardiovascular diseases as it is good for vascular health.
Has a positive impact on pH balance and detoxify the body.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool and dry place.

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