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Cif Ultra Power Stainless Steel Cleaner 450 ML

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Product Description :

Cif Ultra Power Stainless Steel Cleaner 450 Ml

CIF Stainless Steel spray thoroughly degrease and cleans dirt while leaving a gleaming shine on your stainless steel surface 

  • degreases surfaces. 
  • removes stubborn stains like lime scale and watermarks. 
  • restore high shine to your steel surface. 


Key Benefits 

  • Saves time on cleaning and shining. 
  • Removes dirt, grime and finger marks in seconds. 
  • Water-based formula ensures no thumbprints and is gentle on surfaces. 


WHAT – Types of Stains 

Formulated to effectively remove most stains: 

  • Food residues. 
  • Light grease. 
  • Watermarks. 
  • Limescale. 


WHERE – Areas of Application 

  • All stainless steel surfaces. 


Instruction for use: 

  • Apply to cold surface. 
  • Spread evenly with damp cloth. 
  • Wipe away with clean damp cloth and rinse. 
  • For best results, dry surfaces after rinsing. 


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