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Barakat Alsham Date Vinegar

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Barakat Alsham Date Vinegar

Glass Bottle

300 Ml



Natural Vinegar extract of Date, acid


Drinking it will help suppress your appetite and reduce hunger. If taken before a meal, it reduces blood sugar spikes that usually occur after eating your meal. This happens because the vinegar's acetic acid will block the enzyme responsible for breaking down starches for digestion from being absorbed into the bloodstream.
Cancer prevention: Just like the healing powers of apricot seeds, regular intake of the vinegar with its many antioxidant properties will help prevent abdominal cancer.
Heart strength: The vinegar drink is an excellent remedy for a weak heart. The antioxidant chlorogenic acid helps prevent the oxidization of the LDL cholesterol particles, hence protecting your weak heart.
Eases childbirth: If you drink the vinegar on a regular basis, it can ease the pain of childbirth. It is known to contain hormones which strengthen the uterus, help produce milk for nursing mothers and also prevent blood loss after childbirth. It also helps built strength during convalescing. While there are no scientific studies to prove these claims, traditional medicine and its regular use since ancient times must give enough credibility for its popularity in treating these ailments.
Menstrual disorders: The vinegar helps regulate clotting and reduces the menstrual period and the amount of blood loss. Its high levels of potassium and calcium reduce cramps by easing the muscles in the uterus. Hence, helps with menstrual disorders.
Strengthens the immune system: The regular cleansing of the system will remove toxins from the body. This will help strengthen the immunity system. It will also help in the gastric inflammation and relieve constipation.
High in iron & potassium,it is good for anemia.
Fatigue: The vinegar burns and consumes the pyroracemic and lactic acids that are responsible for fatigue. Hence, consuming date vinegar can eliminate fatigue.
Relieves coughs: Helps to relieve a sore throat, persistent cough and remove phlegm.
Relieves headaches:The high level of potassium in the vinegar helps relieve headaches.
Heals burns & skin inflammation:Used in traditional medicine by the Middle Eastern people, date vinegar was applied to burns and skin inflammation. Scientific studies show that date vinegar contains acetic acid that helps relieve inflammation on a burn. Acetic acid also has antiseptic and astringent properties, hence keeping the burns from becoming infected.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool and dry place.

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