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Raw Catay Honey

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Color Bronze to golden

Consistency Thin and viscous

Taste Rich and complex with floral notes

Bees source pollen from Caa-tay flowers which grow in swampy marshland in the middle of the Parana river in Argentina for this extremely rare honey. As well as a delicious and complex floral flavor, this honey never crystalizes even at low temperatures.



Raw Catay Honey



Honey is naturally high in antioxidants. Research suggests these play a role in the body’s natural defenses and reduce heart attacks and stroke.


Unlike its pasteurised counterpart, raw honey is a powerful prebiotic. It contains living microorganisms that can increase and drive the growth of good bacteria in your gut and, as we all know, a happy gut makes a happy mind (and immune system!).


A good quality honey is the singer’s secret to smooth vocals and comfortable chords. Mix with (hot or cold) water, ginger, turmeric and ACV (skip the lemon as it can strip your throat) for a deliciously relieving and reviving cuppa.

Lowers blood pressure

Studies link antioxidants present in honey to a reduction in oxidative stress, therefore lowering blood pressure. Those of us who struggle with high blood pressure should of course consult the doctor and try to enjoy a varied diet – we can help with that!

 Sugar alternative

Although your body can’t distinguish between natural and processed sugars, studies suggest honey is ‘less harmful’ than regular white sugar. What better substitute for those little grains than the best honey you can find, packed with great properties and flavour?

  Cholesterol reducing

Studies show a good quality honey can help to increase ‘good’ cholesterol: great news since RAW honeys are the gold standard – organic, carefully cold extracted and never heated above the temperature of the beehive.


Phytonutrients, which are found in plants, help keep insects away or shield the plant from UV radiation. In honey, these phytonutrients provide antibacterial and antifungal boosts (also speculated to be the reason raw honey has shown immune-boosting benefits). Unfortunately, processing honey destroys these naturally occurring enzymes, but fortunately for you, we don’t process our RAW honey in this way. All the benefits are left intact.

 Healing properties

The Cueve de la Arana in Valencia houses bee-utiful cave paintings depicting honey collection. These paintings are thought to be around 8000 years old and show how long we’ve used honey. Our ancestors were probably investigating honey’s medicinal properties even then and many people still use unprocessed honey as a treatment for burns and antibacterial germ killers.


Unlike table sugars, honey is host to a whole range of vitamins and minerals. The less it’s processed, the more nutrients it contains.


Most importantly, RAW Organic Orange Blossom Honey is a delicious treat! Aromatic, luxurious and mouth wateringly rich, drizzle it over your morning porridge


Storage Condition

Store in a cool and dry place.

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